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    We conduct in-house IELTS, OET, CELPIP, and PTE coaching classes as well as spoken English, Business English, and General English courses with up to 30% Scholarship. Call +91 4448540045 for more details. 

    Latest Updates and Offers

    We conduct in-house IELTS, OET, CELPIP, and PTE coaching classes as well as spoken English, Business English, and General English courses with up to 30% Scholarship. Call +91 4448540045 for more details. 

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    We have weekends, online, and flexitime class options. Get your dream score today.

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    InSync is the best OET Coaching center in Chennai. We have helped nurses of HEE, England; OET, Australia & TNAI, and India to get their target scores.

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    Graded by Shane Jordan, IELTS Examiner (Session with Shane)

    Free Q & A Session

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    Free Speaking Level Check

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    Graded Class by Shane Jordan, IELTS Examiner (former)

    Free IELTS Mock Test

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    Trial Class by Shane Jordan, IELTS Examiner (former)

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    CELPIP is a computer-based Canadian English proficiency test for anyone wanting to emigrate to Canada.

    Get Results in 2 Days. 

    Accepted for study applications by +1000 institutions in the USA & Canada 

    Become a confident PTE Test Taker

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    You receive periodical feedback and a progress report from your teacher on your strengths and areas of concern.

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    You get trained by a real IELTS Examiner (Shane Jordan) who will share crucial examiner secrets for writing and speaking modules.


    Connect with other candidates for skills building activities, share resources, discussions, practice and much more.

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    We are leaders in English language test preparation and offer the best IELTS coaching in Chennai. We are backed by 22 years of expertise in training candidates for IELTS/OET/CELPIP and PTE. Our Google reviews of 4.9/5 are a testimony to our happy clients and highlight why we evolved as the ‘go to’ IELTS coaching center in Chennai.

    We are passionate about teaching and go the “extra mile” to get candidates “over the hump”. We believe that by delivering the Best IELTS coaching in Chennai we can help candidates move on in their careers and live their dreams abroad.

    At insync, we build essential English skills for the present and future. We create opportunities for everyone to explore their potential and make significant progress on our courses. We give everyone confidence and our students regard our training as the Best IELTS coaching in Chennai. We are also widely respected as the most preferred IELTS coaching center in Pondicherry.

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    The IELTS/ OET/ CELPIP expert who will guide you

    Shane Jordan is a Cambridge-certified IELTS Examiner who has assessed more than 30,000 IELTS candidates across India and trained candidates to ace the IELTS for more than 24 years. He is an internationally-certified CELTA and DELTA certified trainer. A certified trainer for CELPIP, Shane is also a master trainer for the OET. He is recognized by OET Australia and Health Education, England as the trainer with the highest pass percentage for nurses and doctors, in the world.

    Frequently Asked Questions

        They are all English language based exams, but are used for different purposes. For example, IELTS is used for university admission in English speaking countries (US, UK, Ireland, Asutralia, New Zealand and Canada) and also for immigration purpose to these countries.  OET is specific to the healthcare industry and is required for people like doctors & nurses to show proficiency in this exam to work in a wide number of countries like US, Canada, European countries, Singapore, Middle East, Africa, etc.  It is specific to the healthcare industry.  PTE Academic is taken by those planning to work or study abroad. While CELPIP is very specific to Canada and is accepted for immigration and citizenship purpose.

      The IELTS exam has 4 sections – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. You will be tested in each of these skills and will be given a combined score. 

    The test is totally 2 hours and 45 minutes – Reading (60 minutes), Writing (60 minutes), Listening (30 minutes) and Speaking (11 – 15 minutes).  The IELTS test is done in 2 sittings – 1 sitting for Reading, Writing & Listening, and 1 sitting for Speaking.  pulvinar dapibus leo.

    Your IELTS score is valid for 2 years.

    There is no limit to this. The exam happens 4 times a month and throughout the year.

    You will be given a score from 1 (lowest) – 9(lowest). You will be given a score from 1-9 for each of the skills, your final score will be the the average of the 4 scores.

    There are no prerequisites such as educational qualifications, age restrictions, or prior language learning experience for writing the IELTS exam. It is accessible to anyone who wants to showcase their English language proficiency. However, it is preferable that you are write the exam only if you have a real need (immigration or university admission). 

       As of today (2024), the exam cost is Rs.17,000

    When you enrol with us for coaching, we assist you in booking your exam and dates. Otherwise, you can book directly with IDP (https://www.ieltsidpindia.com/).

        Each university has their own minimum score. You are suggested to check it up in the university website. The score may also be different based on the course that wish to take up.

       The exam is available in both formats. You should choose the format in which you are more comfortable.

    IELTS Academic is usually taken for  university education, while IELTS General is normally taken for immigration or training programs. Both are same for Listening and Speaking. While they differ from Writing and Reading.

    The speaking test is conducted face-to-face, inside the test-center. You will be sitting in front of a certified IELTS Examiner.

     Our coaches have 22+ years of experience in helping people pass the IELTS exam with the score that they require. We keep ourselves on top of the current syllabus / requirements for each of the section. We have created a vast amount of documentation / videos to help our students master the various sections of the exam. Apart from this, we provide plenty of mock papers to give you a real example of how the exam will be. All this is done with the constant feedback and evaluation provided by our experts and certified coaches. When you enrol with us, you can rest assure that you will do your best to get the score you need in the first attempt itself.

    When you enrol with us, we give you sufficient training and practice to get the score you need in the first attempt itself.

    Sure they can. It is definitely possible. The student will have to research on the exam modules and find latest documentation and prepare themselves. Also, they will have to motivate themselves to keep doing better.

         However, if you already have a job or you are a student, it will be difficult for you to do all this by yourselves. Rest assured that our courses are very affordable and worth the time and effort that you would have to put if you tried to do it yourself.

    Yes sure. In the Listening test, you will hear 4 different recordings only once, and will have to answer about 40 questions.  In the Writing test, there will be 2 tasks and you must complete both. Task 1 contains some visual information like graphs, pictures, tables, charts, etc  and you need to write about 150 words in 20 minutes. In Task 2, you will be given an argument or a problem or a point-of-view, and you will have to write an essay about it in 40 minutes and about 250 words.   In the Reading test, you will be given 3 different passages and will be asked to respond to questions. You will need to read quickly and efficiently while managing your time also. In the Speaking test, the Examiner will first ask about yourself, and your home, family, work studies and interests. Then you will be given a card about a specific topic. You will be given 1 minute to think about the topic and then talk about the topic for 2 minutes. Then the Examiner will ask questions related to the topic that you just spoke about.

     Yes, we do have a variety of options for our students. We provide weekday classes, weekend classes, offline, online and even hybrid classes. When you discuss with our counsellors, you will get to know our different class formats and which is best for you.

    Call up our counsellors at +91 99620-91700 to get started.

    Most people will need 4 weeks to 8 weeks to prepare thoroughly for the exam, depending on their current level of proficiency. Our classes are also of these durations. We do check your current level when you join us and prepare a path of learning specifically for you.