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At InSync we provide up-to-date exam related study materials enabling students to crack the exam. We are India’s leading OET premium preparation provider with highest pass rate of 70%.

OET Experts In Chennai

    Reach OET B in 1st attempt 70% OET Pass Rate

    indian’s highest rated OET premium preparation proivider

    Insync Offers a range of OET preparation services designed especially for doctors and nurses

    InSync is India’s No.1 Premium Preparation Provider for OET coaching in Chennai, accredited and endorsed by OET for demonstrating high quality standards in teaching, material creation and course planning.

    We are leaders in language teaching and English language test preparation. We have been teaching for over 24 years. We are passionate about teaching OET and go the “extra mile” to get candidates “over their hump”. We believe that by delivering quality training we can help candidates move on in their careers and live their dreams.

    At Insync, our OET course is accredited and recognised for maintaining high standards. Our course is unique and one of its kind in India as nurses and doctors gain insights from UK, German and Indian OET Experts who come together to ensure candidates have the highest chance of achieving their dream scores in their 1st attempt. The course covers test taking techniques and study skills strategies across all four modules (listening, speaking, reading and writing). All our teachers at our OET coaching centre in Chennai are experienced and certified by OET. Our comprehensive training with international coaching and support give candidates the maximum opportunity to crack this test in the fastest time span.

    OET For Nurses

    Face-2-Face And Online Live sessions
    The OET classes are highly interactive and focus on developing essential skills, language and techniques nurses need for the OET exam. OET preparation courses for nurses are flexible, so you can learn around busy working commitments.
    Reach OET B Nursing

    Limited Time Offer

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    OET Preparation for doctors

    Reach OET B Medicine for doctors

    Best Price!

    Buy now and maximize your OET score!

    online and offline live classes

    InSync offers an exclusive range of OET preparation services designed specifically for doctors. Lessons mainly focus on the skills, language and techniques doctors need for the OET exam.

    OET writing correction - medicine and nursing

    Do you lack confidence in writing?  Are you worried about your writing? Relax! We can help!

    Our OET Writing Correction Service will guide and help you prepare with confidence to achieve an OET Grade B in the fastest time span. You will receive detailed personalised feedback, error correction and supposed grades marked by OET experts.

    Why Insync

    We are an accredited OET and IELTS coaching centre in Chennai that offer premium exam readiness programmes that  guide our students to improve their overall test-taking skills and competencies in the shortest time span. Our continuous and comprehensive evaluation, feedback and progress report help candidates gauge their strengths and weaknesses before sitting for the real exam. We organise skills-building sessions to enhance overall English levels and to build  confidence to pass the test in the very 1st attempt.

    Our OET module is completely designed in a way that helps students undertake the exam with extreme confidence. We run live sessions which are highly interactive which develop students’ test skills through task-based methodology which brings out the best in every candidate.

    Top 8 Reasons To Trust Insync OET Coaching Centre In Chennai

    Choose Your Plan

    OET Master

    Duration 2.5 to 3 months 

    Online Live Class: ₹28,000
    Pay in Two Parts Pay 

    OET Nursing 30-Days Free Trial

    Expert Teacher Tutorials

    • Not included in trial

    Assessments with Expert Feedback

    • Not included in trial

    Practice Activities & Live Classes

    • 4x OET Live Classes
    • 1x Full Practice Test with Key and Sample Answers
    • 1x Writing Method Video
    • Skill Building Practice Activities
    • Skill-builder Live Classes


      • OET Courses for Doctors and Nurses
      • Only OET Premium Preparation Provider in southern India
      • Highest success rate in OET training in India as per OET, Australia and Health Education, England
      • WhatsApp Study Groups
      • Unlimited Ask-an-Expert Questions
      • Progress Guarantee


      • Weekend Only Options
      • Modular Options


    • Comprehensive coverage of OET Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing
    • 54 hours of teacher-led classes
    • Free 60 hours online course by UK Premium Preparation Provider
    • 6 Writing Assessments with feedback, by an OET Master Trainer
    • Speaking Assessments with feedback, by an OET Master Trainer
    • Access to all In-house Practice Tests
    • Free Practice Book
    • Unlimited Free Online Materials
    Do you struggle with any of the sub-Test?

    Need Specific Help?

    One skill stopping you from getting the scores you need?
    Speaking intensive
    Writing intensive
    IELTS Examiner

    Meet the OET expert

    Shane is a Cambridge certified CELTA/DELTA teacher with a passion and flare for teaching. He has dawned many caps over the span of 24 years of his training career. Besides being an IELTS Examiner, Shane has been a teacher trainer for Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment which owns OET.  Shane’s OET teaching success has been recognized and acknowledged by Health Education England (HEE) and OET, Australia for producing the highest pass rate of 70% across the globe. His unique blend of task –based and experiential teaching approach focus on building essential English skills to help test-takers achieve their dream scores in the fastest time span.

    About Our Courses

    All Our OET Packages Include Bonus “LIVE SESSONS” By UK/Australian And German OET Experts.

    • Reach OET B- Online Preparation Course with 48 Live sessions by Specialist Language Courses ( SLC) – UK’s Leading Medical English Provider.
    • Writing Masterclass sessions by Alecia Banfield- Professional Medical English-Germany from the best OET coaching centre in Chennai.
    • Skills lessons, mock tests, practice activities, and regular Live classes by E2 Language-Australia

    Should i take the OET or the IELTS

    OET Experts In Chennai
    OET Experts In Chennai

    Top organisations trust InSync

    Frequently Asked questions
    What is the Occupational English Test (OET)?
    OET is a healthcare-specific English language test. It assesses the language proficiency of healthcare professionals looking to register and practice in an English-speaking environment.

    Is OET the right test for me?

    OET tests international health practitioners from the following 12 professions:
    Dentistry Occupational Therapy Podiatry
    Dietetics Optometry Radiography
    Medicine Pharmacy Speech Pathology
    Nursing Physiotherapy Veterinary Science
    If you have chosen one of these professions, OET is the ideal test for you. It is a significant milestone towards your international career development. Note: The Occupational English Test (OET) is recognized by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and the General Medical Council (GMC) in the UK and Ireland.
    Why should I take OET?
    • OET is the English language test designed specifically for healthcare professionals.
    • OET is recognised as proof of English proficiency by health regulators in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Namibia, Singapore and Ukraine for registration.
    • OET is also accepted by the Australian Department of Immigration and Immigration New Zealand for all visa categories where an English language test result may be required, including Skilled Migrant Category.
    • OET helps develop language skills for success in healthcare courses, clinical placement, healthcare registration and the workplace.
    • It’s easy to prepare for the test using OET’s preparation resources, many of which are online and included in the cost of the test.
    Recommended by past test takers because OET preparation and test materials reflect real healthcare scenarios, so you’ll know what to expect and feel more confident on test day.
    How can InSync help me reach OET B and higher?
    InSync is the only OET Premium Preparation Provider in Tamil Nadu and is endorsed to possess the means to provide quality training by the OET authorities. We have the unique skill-set to train medical professionals as per international standards. We are also the only training provider offering world-class courses in collaboration with international OET specialists. From the range of medical professionals, we are currently offering OET courses only to Doctors and Nurses. Also, addressing the gap in English skills of Indian students, InSync is the only training Centre in India providing a course that will help medical professionals develop their English language skills from a B1 to a B2 level on the CEFR, thus preparing even those who possess basic language skills for the OET preparation course.
    Where and when can I take OET?
    • OET is available monthly, in over 110 locations in over 40 countries.
    • For OET test dates and a list of countries and venues where the test is available, visit
    How do I apply for OET?
    • You apply for OET via
    • You will find all the information you need to apply for OET, including test regulations, guidelines for uploading photos, test costs and how to pay.
    When and how will I receive my results?

    Your results will be released approximately 16 business days after the test: log in to your secure online profile to see them.

    How is OET scored?

    You will receive a numerical score for each sub-test, ranging from 0 to 500 in ten-point increments (e.g. 350, 360, 370…). The numerical scores will be mapped to a separate letter grade, ranging from A (highest) to E (lowest). There is no overall grade.

    What is in the test?
    • Four parts of the test: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.
    • Each part of the test assesses your understanding of English in a workplace-related healthcare context.
    • The speaking and writing sub-tests are specific to your profession.
    • Build the skills you need to help you become more confident when working in healthcare in the UK and Ireland

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