Application Form Terms and condition

Rules/ Guidelines:

1. InSync does not represent, and is not in partnership, with any study abroad/ immigration consultancy and hence not liable for any
actions by any third party/agent.
2. InSync does not guarantee any scores on any of its courses.
3. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
4. All fees must be paid within the stipulated period to avoid late payment charges of (minimum) Rs.1000 (or as applicable from timeto-time) and disruption of classes.
5. Once registered, students must pay their dues within 1 week of the given due date (including late payment fee) or lose the booking
amount and re-join the course.
6. Any materials, login codes and/or access to online courses will be provided 5-7 working days after receipt of full fee.
7. InSync is not obligated to accept/ accommodate requests for change in class days/ timings/ batches/ modules once these are
decided upon at the onset of the course. Students are expected to attend classes as per the designated time slots/days.
8. In cases where any change in timing is accommodated by InSync, it will be at an additional fee of Rs.2000 per module/change and
such change will only be accommodated if the request is sent by registered email and confirmed in writing by InSync; InSync
reserves the right to decline such a request without providing any reason for doing so.
9. Students electing Modular, Hybrid or Fast track courses may be subject to changing batches and class timings or have a waiting
period in between sections.
10. There will be a small modification in regular class timings for Writing Task 1 (W1). Students must ensure to find out their timings at
the front desk prior to the start of W1. (No makeup class will be provided for missed classes.)
11. Students must attempt to be punctual to avoid disruption of class for others. The teacher reserves the right to bar a student from
entering class if he/she is late. (No make-up class will be provided for missed classes.)
12. Students must attend classes on time and regularly as missed classes will not be made up, under any circumstances. (If in doubt,
onus of finding out class timings and days lies on thestudent.)
13. Any class cancelled by InSync will be made up to students by scheduling another class at a convenient time, in place of the cancelled
class, or by extending the course to accommodate such class.
14. Free benefits like access to study lab/materials/free classes/mock tests/free online courses etc. may be added, modified or removed
without prior notice, as per the discretion of the management.
15. Course structure/content/ durations and batch timings/days are subject to change as per the discretion of the management.
16. Faculty members/ Trainers will be assigned/ reassigned to classes as per company norms and preferences. Students cannot choose
faculty members for their course.
17. Students’ photos/ videos/ scores etc. may be used for testimonials and other marketing purposes. Students should have no
objection to being contacted on phone/email and to being added to Whatsapp groups, Google classrooms, etc., during the course.
18. Students can continue to utilize facilities after completion of course on payment of an additional fee.
19. Students must take the Diagnostic and Final full mock tests (if any) and Formative section tests within the stipulated period
(Diagnostic test: before start of classes; Final test: within two weeks of course completion; Formative: on section completion as
informed by teacher). If not taken at this time, they will forfeit the test/s. No extension will be provided for any reason.
20. Students must submit their class assignments as per given deadlines or these will not be assessed. Students must clear all queries
and doubts within class timings as teachers will not answer/be available for discussion in non-class hours/days.
21. InSync reserves the right to cancel the admission of a student/s without any refund of fee on account of non-payment of fees/dues
in scheduled time and/or inappropriate behaviour towards teachers/staff.
22. InSync reserves the right to disallow a student/s on a course based on eligibility/availability of batches/ trainer/ other such criteria
and if fee is already collected, refund the full/pro-rated amount on such cancellation.
23. In case of any damage caused to premises or equipment or loss/ damage of library books/materials by a student, the cost of such
damage will need to be made good by that student.
24. InSync shall not be liable or responsible for any failure/delay in fulfilling any services if such failure/delay is caused by or results
from acts beyond its control, including, but not limited to, the following force majeure events: acts of God, natural disasters,
epidemic, pandemic, war, invasion, hostilities, terrorist threats, riot or other civil unrest, government order or law, actions, action
by any governmental authority, national or regional emergency, strikes and shortage of adequate power or transportation
25. Students are expected to abide by the rules of the organization. Rules are subject to change and the decision of the management is final in all regards.