Anen Imsong

I was very nervous about OET as it was my first attempt. I mean I was not confident at all, I was even prepared to appear it again.
But as i started the journey of OET with Sir Jordan, he made it a whole lot easier. He knows each and every student, what you are capable of , where you lack and where you need to put
efforts. He scolds you when you are not being attentive but most of the time he is funny and interesting .He has motivated us all in various ways , which is why I have cleared my OET exam in the first attempt 🙏🏻 I’m content with his last message ‘ I’m very proud of you’ . If you are still confused and doubtful if you can clear OET then Shane Jordan (INSYNC) is your answer. with their guidance and a little efforts from your side you can do it. God bless 🙏🏻