How Does Poor Referencing In Writing Affect My Scores?

How Does Poor Referencing In Writing Affect My Scores?

In IELTS, most students feel challenged, and their scores get affected in the writing test. So, if you are reading this blog, then you must know about the primary things in IELTS writing. If not, here is a small introduction about IELTS writing before we know about referencing.

IELTS writing comprises two writing tasks, 1 and 2, in which topics are given based on general interest and are assessed by the IELTS examiner. LearnInSync, the best IELTS coaching centre in Chennai, will help you enhance your writing skills through guidance which helps to improve your band score. However, students mostly overlook this area while preparation, even though 25% of the score comes through cohesion and coherence. 

Cohesion And Coherence:


The coherence refers to how well your essay is organized and how well your essay is understandable. So, the IELTS examiner will look, if your writing has been paragraphed properly and whether the paragraphs have proper ideas. The IELTS examiner will also look at whether the student has stick-on and progressed with the idea. 


The cohesion refers to how well your ideas in the essay are connected with each other. The IELTS examiner will look for the cohesion in your essay whether you have brought out the main idea in every paragraph. The examiner will also look for transition signals to show your readers the relationship between your ideas. 

So, the IELTS examiner will assess your essay depending on the following prospects such as,

  1. Cohesion and coherence
  2. Accuracy & Grammatical usage
  3. Lexical Resource
  4. Task Achievement & Response (for Task 1 & 2 respectively)


Referencing means you are referring to the things that you have stated earlier in your essay without having to repeat the same thing constantly. So, the ways you can have excellent referencing in your text is by using

  1. Right pronouns (like they, that, this, those, etc)
  2. Suitable Synonyms
  3. Appropriate substitution words

Here are some pointers which explain how students score less by poor referencing.

  1. Not having a clear topic and relatable sentence in the text.
  2. Less or poor usage of transition signals 
  3. The main idea does not progress throughout the essay
  4. Unclear or unsuitable referencing
  5. Not presenting the essay in an understandable way.

Hence, these are the most prominent mistakes most students make in the IELTS writing.

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