Know The Examiner's Secrets For Band 7 Essays

Know The Examiner’s Secrets For Band 7 Essays

Many of the IELTS aspirants’ goal is to get the magic score, band 7, in their IELTS writing. Most students who approach InSync, the best IELTS coaching centre in Chennai, are often stuck with the band score of 6 or 6.5. They just want to know the secret to improve their band score from 6 to band 7. So, here are the examiner’s secrets that you should know about to get a magical score. 

Know Why Your Essays Are Awarded Band 6 And How To Get That Band 7 For Your Essays:

Incomplete Ideas:

One of the reasons why your essay is being awarded Band 6 is that ideas that you have represented are not developed adequately. It means that your concepts are either half-developed or not completed in the proper way. So, to ensure that your essay is awarded with Band 7, then,

  • Your ideas or concepts should be fully-developed
  • You should completely explain your ideas in terms of point of view (in both ways), its advantages and disadvantages, and the concerns with proper solutions.

Overall Progression:

Secondly, the most prominent reason why your essay is given Band 6 or lesser is the idea that you proposed in the essay has not progressed. The IELTS examiner will look at how well you have progressed the idea throughout the essay. It is essential that your professed idea is progressed from point A to B rather than wandering around the same thing and without repeating the same thing.

To gain Band 7 in your essay, the IELTS examiner will look for new things in every sentence. So, focus more on coherence and cohesion and make sure your every sentence has some purpose.


Thirdly, it is essential that your text has the right usage of cohesion for the IELTS examiner to give Band 7. The cohesion in your essay is essential because it represents how well your ideas are interconnected. Hence, it is important that you use transition signals, conjunctions, and references appropriately to keep the examiner connected with the text.

Hence, incorporating cohesion devices in an inappropriate way that too in an odd way can result in scoring Band 7. Therefore, it is advisable that you use the referencing and transition signals appropriately with clear understanding.

More Pointers To Get Band 7 In Your Essay:

  • Use vocabulary of accurate meaning
  • USe different range of grammatical sentences that are simple and complex.

Therefore, these are the major things that you should focus on and correct yourself to get Band 7 for your essay.

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